Friday, 23 July 2010

We die 3 times

I heard that on a TV show "we all die 3 times" - first is the body dying, 2nd death is when our body decomposes back to the earth and the 3rd death is when our name is spoken for the last time. Isnt that sad that some of us will die for the 3rd time while others will be remembered for all time and their name will go on. I guess if we dont keep track of our family tree and have names written down then some of us do disappear. I have been doing our family tree for many years now so at least in my family our names keep going and therefore we keep going for a bit longer now.
I just thought I would share this with you all (all 2 of you at least who follow me)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Fireball doll - Drossel von Flugel

I just bought myself this little poseable doll - called Drossel von Flugel from the Fireball anime series - see Youtube to see episodes (they are quite funny -subtitled from the Japanese). She is only 10cm or 4inches high and everything moves! You can pose her in almost any position even on one leg, so I can have her doing something different every day. I saw one on a blog for Little Bearies and just had to get one myself. Kids think Im mad but I like her on my computer desk! I think you can get larger ones that are made from metal and plastic - mine is only plastic, and the larger ones sometimes come with the different heads - my Drossel is the "fighting" one something to do with the head wear. Her usual get up is long pigtail type things but I liked this one the best. Have a look on eBay under "Fireball Drossel" if you want one. Mine was only a cheap one from the USA but its got the Disney name on it so Im pretty sure its genuine. My only worry is that the thumbs are movable but fall off if you do try and move them and unlike the other pieces they are so tiny that if you dropped one on the carpet you would never find it again and she would look weird without a thumb so I might supaglue them on...