Saturday, 2 October 2010

ok what is with the live feed thingy Feedjit Live?

Just for fun I put one of those live feed thingies on the side of my blog (>>> see it over that way?) to check who visits my blog.
Well how come it cant work out where I am from when I sign in? So far I have been from The Leap in Qld (which apparently is up near Mackay) from Fairfield (which is the other side of the city and about 30 mins drive away) At the moment Im from Montville which is near the Sunshine Coast and a good hour or more away from Brisbane and the suburb where I actually live!
Not sure how it works but unless my IP is floating around all over the place I have no idea where they get the info. Makes for interesting reading though and it looks like I get to travel around without actually going anywhere!

Friday, 1 October 2010

My Emma bear finished

Well late last night I finally finished my bear made from the free pattern by Emma of Emma's Bears and she has turned out lovely. I used a thick pale blue acrylic fur and wool felt for the pads and inner ears. I needle felted flowers on her foot pads and embroidered around them to define. She has quite a lot of glass beads inside her for weight - I like my bears to be heavy! She has glass eyes and a dark grey embroidered nose (Im not too good at embroidering noses). I have named this bear Emma after her designer. Hope you like her!
She is my 26th bear I have made since 2008 when I started my bear making adventure. Most of my bears I have either made for myself or to give as gifts and a few I have sold at our African Violet Society show - 2010 show is Oct 16 and 17 at the Auditorium Brisbane Botanic Gardens - Mt Coot-tha Brisbane.