Monday, 28 June 2010

My latest craft project... well one of them

Im sure no one cares as no one reads this blog but in the off chance that in years to come this blog is still here and someone comes across it they may be wondering why the bumble bear still hasnt been finished. Well the African Violet show is in Oct and I always put as many crafts as I can on the craft table to sell. I usually make a couple of hundred $ from sales so I think its worth while. Usually I start just after Mothers day in May to make a heap of crafts so I have plenty to sell by Oct but its almost July and I havent even looked to see what I had left over or thought about new things to make.
I dont know where the idea came from but I decided to make some little felt covers for notepads. You can buy the little spiral notepads for less than 50c each in a pack and I had lots of bought felt on hand. I make the cover and hand sew the edge with blanket stitch. Then I am making little flowers and leaves with my clover moulds by needle felting them into shape. I then attach the flowers and leaf by felting them onto the cover and then embroidering on the centres of the flowers and the stem of the leaf. I can make one cover from start to finish in around an hour. I can also do them while I watch tv so that is good as I hate watching tv without doing something else at the same time.
Im not sure what to sell them for - perhaps a couple of dollars to cover costs? Maybe $3? They are only small and measure 12 x 9cm (4½ x 3½ inches).
What do you think of these? I also have an address book to cover - it was given to me and I really dont need it so I will make it look pretty and sell it too.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Do you believe in reincarnation?

I was never really sure but I kept an open mind. The reason I believe now involves my eldest son.
When I was pregnant with him (not knowing the sex of the baby at that time) I caught bronchitis & as I was up coughing half the night I was sleeping in the spare room/nursery so my hubby could get some sleep. I was about 8 months pregnant at the time and laying on my side asleep when I felt someone poke my thigh and tell me to roll over. I looked up and saw my hubby there and rolled over not really awake. In the morning though I asked my husband why on earth he came in and told me to roll over. He just looked at me strangely and said he hadnt done anything like that. Then I looked at him and realised- the man I saw didnt have a beard but my hubby did at that time. That sort of shook me but I then I assumed I must have been dreaming.
When my son was born we named him James but when he was old enough to start talking for some reason he called himself "Da" my husband laughed and said he used to call his grandfather that name. It was many years later that I finally got to see a photo of my husband's grandfather -Da and was shocked - this was the man who had told me to roll over! He had died in the late 1970's and I had never met him or even seen a photo of him. But this was him. I then wondered if he was looking after me when I was pregnant as he was coming back as my baby and this is why James called himself Da! Who knows...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Just thought I would show you the cute little dolls I made over the last few weeks (my internet connection was on go-slow and had to do something instead of surfing the net). Each doll is needle felted over a wire armature and is about 10cm or 4 inches high. The hair is mohair and the dresses are made from bought felt and needle felted on the edges to join. I am selling them on Etsy (link on the right >>>>) except for the purple one which I am keeping as that was the first one and I love purple.
Last week I decided I had to get back to my daily walks - Im 47 now and need the exercise! So every day last week I went for a walk around the suburb in the morning. I walk for at least 40 mins and as the suburb where I live is quite hilly there are plenty of ups and downs to get the blood pumping. I feel great after a walk. Average is about 4km per walk and if I need to go to the post office or local shops I now walk rather than drive. It takes 5 mins to drive there but 25 mins to walk there. Its the start of winter here so its really nice walking weather. Summer can be just too hot (although last time I did these walks I would just jump in the pool after the walk to cool down).
Hopefully I can keep walking every day (except weekends unless I can get the boys or my hubby to accompany me! In my dreams! LOL)
I used to belong to a gym many years ago and the only machine I really enjoyed working out on was the treadmill so rather than renew my expensive gym membership I decided to just walk around the local area for free. A bonus is that I can check out everyone's gardens and see what is growing well around the area and get ideas for my own garden.