Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Free pattern by Emma's Bears

Im trying out a free pattern by Emma of Emma's Bears - the bear is called Gracie and its a nice easy one to make, so try it out. Im making mine from a thick pale blue acrylic fur and she is turning out rather good. Photos as soon as Im finished and that shouldnt be long! Ive done the head and body, done some flowers on the foot pads and just have to sew up the arms and legs and join it all together and stuff it (LOL). I hand sew all my bears so they take a little while to do and I ran out of the strong thread I use for hand sewing (C Lon nylon thread) and had to order some more. It was just as easy to order from the UK than drive down to the Gold Coast to the bear/bead shop I usually get it from. Anyway photos soon!

My Bumble Bear finally finished!

Well I finally finished my Bumble Bear a week ago and wanted to show you the photos. He turned out really nice after all - wasn't sure I liked him till I trimmed his nose and then he started to look cute. I changed the original pattern so that the muzzle was 2 colour instead of one. I changed the body so that it had stripes. Im happy to say the changes worked and he wasn't misshapen like I thought he might be.Hope you like him!