Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Last week I decided I had to get back to my daily walks - Im 47 now and need the exercise! So every day last week I went for a walk around the suburb in the morning. I walk for at least 40 mins and as the suburb where I live is quite hilly there are plenty of ups and downs to get the blood pumping. I feel great after a walk. Average is about 4km per walk and if I need to go to the post office or local shops I now walk rather than drive. It takes 5 mins to drive there but 25 mins to walk there. Its the start of winter here so its really nice walking weather. Summer can be just too hot (although last time I did these walks I would just jump in the pool after the walk to cool down).
Hopefully I can keep walking every day (except weekends unless I can get the boys or my hubby to accompany me! In my dreams! LOL)
I used to belong to a gym many years ago and the only machine I really enjoyed working out on was the treadmill so rather than renew my expensive gym membership I decided to just walk around the local area for free. A bonus is that I can check out everyone's gardens and see what is growing well around the area and get ideas for my own garden.

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