Monday, 28 June 2010

My latest craft project... well one of them

Im sure no one cares as no one reads this blog but in the off chance that in years to come this blog is still here and someone comes across it they may be wondering why the bumble bear still hasnt been finished. Well the African Violet show is in Oct and I always put as many crafts as I can on the craft table to sell. I usually make a couple of hundred $ from sales so I think its worth while. Usually I start just after Mothers day in May to make a heap of crafts so I have plenty to sell by Oct but its almost July and I havent even looked to see what I had left over or thought about new things to make.
I dont know where the idea came from but I decided to make some little felt covers for notepads. You can buy the little spiral notepads for less than 50c each in a pack and I had lots of bought felt on hand. I make the cover and hand sew the edge with blanket stitch. Then I am making little flowers and leaves with my clover moulds by needle felting them into shape. I then attach the flowers and leaf by felting them onto the cover and then embroidering on the centres of the flowers and the stem of the leaf. I can make one cover from start to finish in around an hour. I can also do them while I watch tv so that is good as I hate watching tv without doing something else at the same time.
Im not sure what to sell them for - perhaps a couple of dollars to cover costs? Maybe $3? They are only small and measure 12 x 9cm (4½ x 3½ inches).
What do you think of these? I also have an address book to cover - it was given to me and I really dont need it so I will make it look pretty and sell it too.


  1. they're really sweet. I'm not sure what you could sell them for either. Its seems like you'd need to sell them for at least $10 to make the hour of time worthwhile. But realistically you would probably get $3-$5. I think people will buy them. Its always easier to part with a few dollars than a few hundred!

  2. Thanks Emma, I dont want to overprice them and not sell any but I dont want them so cheap that people dont appreciate the work that went into them. I think I might make them $4 each