Sunday, 20 June 2010

Do you believe in reincarnation?

I was never really sure but I kept an open mind. The reason I believe now involves my eldest son.
When I was pregnant with him (not knowing the sex of the baby at that time) I caught bronchitis & as I was up coughing half the night I was sleeping in the spare room/nursery so my hubby could get some sleep. I was about 8 months pregnant at the time and laying on my side asleep when I felt someone poke my thigh and tell me to roll over. I looked up and saw my hubby there and rolled over not really awake. In the morning though I asked my husband why on earth he came in and told me to roll over. He just looked at me strangely and said he hadnt done anything like that. Then I looked at him and realised- the man I saw didnt have a beard but my hubby did at that time. That sort of shook me but I then I assumed I must have been dreaming.
When my son was born we named him James but when he was old enough to start talking for some reason he called himself "Da" my husband laughed and said he used to call his grandfather that name. It was many years later that I finally got to see a photo of my husband's grandfather -Da and was shocked - this was the man who had told me to roll over! He had died in the late 1970's and I had never met him or even seen a photo of him. But this was him. I then wondered if he was looking after me when I was pregnant as he was coming back as my baby and this is why James called himself Da! Who knows...


  1. Wow Viv! thats kind of freaky. I got goosebumps when reading that. I believe anything is possible, and that you know what you saw. Its very easy to rationalise and talk ourselves out of things we can't explain though!
    That was very cool!

  2. We always said James seemed like he had been here before, I think babies still have the memories of their past life but as they grow it gets away from them. Im sure God believes in recycling and recycles us until we have lived a perfect life and get to go to Heaven.