Thursday, 10 May 2012

My soapmaking adventure

Oh dear - I had forgotten about this page really - its been about a year (!!!!) since I actually wrote anything here and that is not good - not that anyone reads this blog and I do get a bit caught up with Facebook and waste most of my time there!
So what have I been up to - well since I discovered melt and pour soaping that has become a bit of an obsession for me - love it. Eventually I got up the courage to try making soap from scratch too - cold process soap its called. Love it too!!! I have complete control over what goes into the soaps from start to finish, my hubby wanted a really lathery soap and felt the M&P soaps weren't bubbly enough for him. He loves the cold process ones though - then I thought I would make a shampoo soap when I realised how many chemicals I was putting on my head! So I did quite a bit of research into this and took lots of notes, read everything I could and came up with a recipe of my own using oils that were good for the hair and scalp. I loved it, my hubby actually thought it was great (and usually he is a hard sell) then I gave some to my Mum and Sister and they loved it too. Word got out and people started asking to buy my shampoo bar - everyone seemed to like it and it was suitable for all sorts of hair types.

You may think its weird to use soap on your hair but it contains only oils that are good for your hair and if you use it with a cider vinegar rinse your hair is left shiny and lovely. I have been using nothing but this since November 2011 and my hair is the best it has ever been. You see the soap is slightly alkaline and the rinse is slightly acidic so one counteracts the other and your hair is left pretty much pH neutral and in the best condition it can be - no chemicals, preservatives, no SLS or other nasties. In fact I used to get a LOT of headaches for no reason - when I stopped using commercial shampoo and conditioner I noticed I hardly ever get headaches now and if I do I rarely need to take anything as they just go by themselves. I used to have to take strong pain killers for them and now Im lucky to even need a panadol. I think by getting rid of most of the chemicals I was putting on my body in soaps and shampoo etc I have detoxified myself. The next step was to find a moisturiser that had less chemicals and unpronounceable things in it. A bit of searching on the net and I found one with mainly natural things in it and I love that. Then I thought - what about the laundry? Perhaps I could make a laundry soap - sort of looked at that but then found Soapnuts from Pure Revolution
Again I love these - no chemicals, my wash is clean and Im saving money - what more could you want?
Dont get me wrong - Im not a hippy and out to rid the world of chemicals - I just want to see what I can do for myself and perhaps get a few others to change for the better too. I still dye my hair on the occasions that the grey just gets too obvious and Im not too bothered if there are colours and preservatives in my food but little by little Im changing and I think its for the best.
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