Tuesday, 21 January 2014

its hot and Im bored

I know no one reads these but I thought I would have a look at my blog and make a new entry. I have signed up for a new market this year - as you may know I make soap! I love making soaping - if you want to see my soaps you can go to my facebook page at www.facebook.com/VivianneK.Soaps and my webpage that Im not sure anyone has found yet at http://viviannekhandmadesoaps.weebly.com/
So go and check them out and tell me what you think - anyway as I was saying - I have signed up for a new market and will do this one fortnightly to sell my soaps, as well as the one I was doing last year which is once a month on the first Saturday of the month - this will give me a minimum of 3 markets a month - so hopefully get my name out there a bit more - I have a number of regular customers at St Paschals market including one lady who buys my goats milk soaps to give to her hairdresser in return for haircuts etc. Its funny how many people stop and look carefully at my soaps when I mention that I make them all - I guess people dont realise that they can be made at home? At some markets there are soap sellers who only buy the soaps they sell from commercial sellers to resell as "handmade" soap - at least mine really are handmade and home made. Nothing beats a good handmade soap - you can use it all over - face, body, hair. The ingredients are simple with no added nasties to make lather or hardness - just vegetable or seed oils, with water and lye makes soap - some of my soaps I leave unscented and uncoloured so they are fine for sensitive skin and young skin - others I add fragrance and colours to - all my colours and fragrances are soap and skin safe - I also test my soaps on myself and all recipes (yes recipes like you are cooking) are run through an online lye calculator to make sure they are safe - all ingredients are weighed in grams to get the correct amount so no mistakes are made.
I have been making soaps for about 3 years now and Im always learning and discovering new ways of doing things, better ways and what not to do. I now do cold process, hot process and liquid soaps - I want to try making a transparent soap this year too - I have the ingredients - just have to find the time as its a longer process than normal hot process soap
Anyway Im ranting on now but its a blog so I guess that is ok! Im hoping this gets linked to my Facebook page so a few people can see it but who knows. Im still working out some things and how to link them up together!
Ok will sign off and try and rant and rave a bit more this year - should write myself a note to update this more and get on here to see if any of my posts have been noticed!
Off to the shops as its hot today!

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  1. Hey Viv
    You have the ranting down pat! I think my favourite of everything you make are the Pearberry Soy candles, please never stop making them.