Monday, 1 June 2015

Back again! (subtitle - Kmart sucks)

I was reminded today that I have this blog - its been a LONG time since I thought of it and wrote anything but I really should as I have always enjoyed writing - so I will try to do a bit more when I have the time. I have spent too much time on Facebook lately with all the groups I run. I must admit Im getting a bit bored with Facebook so I might actually do some writing here.

Anyway my whinge today is Kmart - I noticed the last time I passed my local store that they had totally rearranged the entire store - I couldnt find what I was looking for and left without buying anything. I had forgotten this experience today when I thought "I will just pop over to Kmart to see what they have" I needed a couple of things for the downstairs bathroom as we are renovating the upstairs one and needed to make the one downstairs a bit more usable.

So over I go and as I approached it I realised my mistake - but I took a deep breath and entered the store. What a mess! They had totally rearranged the layout with nothing in the same spot and it seemed half the size of the nice big open and airy store it used to be. It felt claustrophobic and cramped and there didnt seem to be any hanging signs to say where each department was, so you wander around with a dazed expression on your face and wonder if there are any staff in the store to even ask. Gone are the straight and wide open aisles and now there is a rabbit warren of curves and corners and tight squeeze walkways that make it impossible for 2 people to pass without coming in contact. There was no rhyme or reason to the set out - departments have no start or finish but just merge into another and you realise you are in another department when you start to think - where the hell am I? Just trying to find the cosmetic section was hard enough and then it was so tiny with nothing I wanted and then the bathroom section merged into another section and I gave up.

As for the registers - well where the hell had they gone? No they are not at the front of the store any more - I see a sign that says "Pay Here" in the centre of the store and look and cant see anything under it and then realise there is something behind a short wall - oh look, there is the self service ones and over another wall is about 3 registers - only one manned though (of course!) - so you have to pay here and then walk through half the store before getting to the door and what do you do when you get to the door? Have to show your docket and your bag and show the girl what you bought and check the docket - yeah that's going to work well when its busy - no way would I go there in school holidays and dont even talk about Christmas unless they have 20 people as door greeters to check people leaving.

So Kmart have ruined shopping for me (well actually I hate shopping but used to enjoy going to Kmart) Big W and Target will get my business instead... but then Target closed their local store and another Big W (well its a Medium W as its so small!) opened in its place. I have to go over to a larger shopping centre to find a Target these days.

So that is my whinge for the day.

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