Friday, 13 November 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps

I never have any luck with nail polish - it chips off within hours of putting it on and it drives me up the wall - I like to have nice nails but just cant. 
I thought perhaps I had the answer when an online friend posted about Jamberry nail wraps - they looked interesting - a vinyl wrap/sticker that went over your natural nails and stayed on for up to 4 weeks! All sorts of colours and designs so you could match to outfits or your favourite colour or design and they were supposed to last through your day to day tasks. They even said to test one out for 7 days as compared to nail polish to see how they go. 
Well at one of my markets there was to be a Jamberry stall, so I made sure to visit her and check out the wraps - she showed me how to do one and gave me all the info I needed. I bought a couple of wraps and got some samples as well to try. 
I decided to keep a bit of a diary of the wraps and this is it. 

6-11-15 Friday - pinky left hand - blue floral put on at market

7-11-15 Saturday - all other nails put on at home

8-11-15 Sunday - ends feel a bit rough but not catching on hair or anything - bunching is pretty bad on some esp gold and champagne on left hand (first ones done)

9-11-15 Monday – did some weeding seems ok – under magnifying glass you can see a bit of wear on the very edges but its not noticeable to the naked eye.

10-11-15 Tuesday – did some gardening and topped up my container of coconut oil which removed all the glue on the pinky nail left hand but only that one fell off and that hand didnt even get much oil on it???? Replaced with black and white floral (Smitten)

12-11-15 Thursday – Left hand - Champagne Toast (ring finger) is peeling off big time hasn’t even lasted a week , middle finger Lava Lamp is split in centre and all peeling back, gold on index finger is peeling back, thumbnail butterfly foil is ok. Right hand – thumb butterfly foil is ok, black & white on index finger is ok, middle finger gold foil is ok, black and white on ring finger is ok, pinky blue floral is lifting on edge quite a bit.  Overall not really impressed as its been less than a week and they are not lasting with normal daily use.  Removed index finger gold, middle Lava Lamp & ring finger Champagne Toast on left hand and pinky Santa Fe on right hand. Not impressed with lasting less than a week

13-11-15 Friday less than a week had to replace 3 fingers on left hand and pinky on right hand – put gold on index and ring fingers left hand – still bunched up on edges – cant get them flat! Lava Lamp put in middle finger again – still a crease in centre top. Gold put on pinky right hand. 

So after one week I am less than impressed with Jamberry - is it the way I put them on? I make sure the cuticle is pushed back, hands and nails are clean, alcohol wipes done, heated as per instructions but still cant get them to lay flat on the nail without creases. Then the creases become tears after a few days and they start to become very annoying!

Glad I havent bought any more just yet - maybe its just practice needed but I also want them to last with my normal day to day activities so if they dont last they are no good for me. Is this why so many people are selling half sheets on ebay? Same problems and they give up and sell off what they have? I will continue to do the diary of the Jamberry and see if the second batch last better but Im not expecting them to...

Update - 16-11-15 
I contacted the Jamberry rep I know and after watching some "how to" videos she and other reps suggested, I realised I have problems due to the shape of my nails - which are curved more than some - the nails that get the creases and wrinkles are very curved side to side and some are even "ball shaped" meaning they curve side and side and over the edge as well, the longer they are the more they curve over the end. So now Im watching all the "how to" Jamberry videos to see how to work around this, different methods of putting them on, cold method, snipping a bit out so they lay flatter etc.

I think I need the Jamberry heater too as the hair dryer just blows everything away and is a pain to use - will have to look at the cost of that and if Im going to continue to use these I will need it. 
I did notice that when I removed my wraps - the nails underneath were very pale - you know like your skin when you remove a band aid? I hope this wont affect the nails too much - everything I read says they wont make your nails suffer by having them on but I guess time will tell. I do tend to get tears in my nails and then they have to be trimmed so Im hoping the wraps will give a bit of strength and keep them growing longer as I love the look of long nails. When I was a child I always chewed my nails but one day I looked at my cousin's nails - she had beautiful long nails and I decided then and there I would grow my nails and have nice ones like her. And I did - when I decide to do something I do it! 

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