Friday, 20 November 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps update

well I finally worked out how to apply them properly and I have to say I love them now. The secret I found is to get the proper little Jamberry heater - the hairdryer just wasnt working as it was either too hot or too cool and blew everything all over the place too. Also the rubber ended cuticle tool works really well to smooth the wrap while its warm and remove any wrinkles.
I found it so much easier to get the wraps put on correctly after watching some Youtube videos on applying to curved nails - the secret for that is to put the wrap on the centre of the nail cold - dont heat till you have it on the middle of the nail and then smooth the edge from centre to side both sides and then heat and smooth down the sides and cuticle end. The heater gives better heat and makes the wrap a lot smoother and easier to apply properly. Glad I bought it. 
this is the wraps I did  - called Catch Fire - makes even my short nails look good and Im sure my nails will grow a lot better with these on as Im more careful with them and they have less chance to split and break off with the wrap as a extra protection layer. Im still getting used to putting them in the right spot some are a bit off centre on the nail but I will get there eventually and each set is a practise. I did find my old eyes even with my reading glasses on, are not the best so I have now ordered a small LED lamp with magnifying glass in it - might make getting them in the right spot a bit easier.
Next thing to try is toenails! 

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