Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Jamberry wraps - the story continues

Well Im not having much luck with these wraps - I put on some lovely Christmassy red ones - called Catch Fire - loved the look of these - put them on, on the Friday (20-11-15) as I had a market on the Saturday and wanted my nails to look nice - which they did - for about 2 days...                                                                                                                                                     
Then they started to lift on the edges and got so annoying I peeled them off but instead of the whole thing coming off - most left a nice silver glittery wrap on my nails - I didnt mind this - it looked quite good but it wasnt the red and gold that I had applied! 

So I left these on for a few days till one started to come off and I peeled them all off and decided for the next weekend I would try Gatsby. 

These are lovely but do look like you have painted your nails with Liquid Paper!
Now I have to say - I am applying the wraps correctly - I have the Jamberry heater (I found the hairdryer too hard to use) - I wash my hands and nails well before hand, I use alcohol to clean each nail after making sure the cuticle is pushed back. I heat and apply as per the instructions and I have watched heaps of Jamberry videos and looked at all the tips and tricks for applying them - I bought a rubber ended cuticle pusher to seal around the edges and I do everything as its supposed to be done - I have even stopped picking my teeth with my nails to avoid damaging them!

BUT they still peel off on me!!!!!
This is after less than 24 hours! I am not rough on my nails - if I was I wouldnt be able to grow them to any length - these were applied as per Jamberry instructions but are still peeling on the edges after numerous heating and sealing to start with to try and avoid this! The first one started to peel after I scratched my face with my nail - hardly a rough thing to do that would cause a quality item to lift?

So in the end I have to peel them off - but they dont come off completely - they leave a pale layer of shimmer with a  hint of the gold stripping - nice but not what I paid for!

So what will I try next weekend - so far I am only getting a couple of days from these wraps! Not really impressed still but I have a stash to try so maybe I will find one type that stays on longer than others?

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