Thursday, 3 December 2015

Nail wraps - a different brand

Ok so seeing Im not having much luck with the Jamberry wraps I thought it couldnt hurt to try another type - found a seller on eBay - near the Gold Coast who had wraps they say are made in Australia. Not a huge range and I would love to find out if they are really made in Oz or not but thought I would try them - bought the Silver Starlight ones - nice glittery and for the price of $9 with postage included, I figured I couldnt really lose - even if they only lasted a few days like the Jamberry ones - it was worth trying.

Well I put them on 1-12-15 so far so good - still a bit of peeling at the edges but not as bad as some of the Jams! This seller has quite a few glittery coloured ones so if these work I might even get some more - I will do a comparison with the glittery Jamberry ones I bought too - I got the purple Stargazing wraps and have yet to try them. One thing I did do with these cheaper ones - as it was in the instructions (and Jamberry dont say to do this) is to coat the wraps with clear nail polish and do the edge as well. 

Perhaps this is the secret? I have also been told by a Jamberry rep that the double layer type wraps - Gatsby for example - should be applied cold and then a quick heat on the edges to seal. Completely different instructions to the usual ones on the pack though. I think Jamberry are a bit like Microsoft "here is a good idea, lets release it and let people pay money for it and work out the bugs as people find them - that way people pay us and we use them as our testers - *evil laugh*" 
One thing that annoyed me though - after I had  removed my useless Gatsby wraps, my very longest nail split and broke and now is not as nice looking. I have to say the wraps do protect my nails from splitting and breaking and are making them very nice looking - they certainly help them rather than hinder the growing process. 
I will also be testing some UK wraps called Chix - will see how they go when they eventually get here - they dont seem to be in Australia at all so have to wait for the slow post from the UK to get them - will post here when I test them out. 

I still have heaps of Jams to try out so will keep going and eventually might even get them to stay on for more than a few days too!
Toes might be tested too as I have quite a range of larger wraps left that I need to do something with, its summer and I wear sandals so might as well I guess!

Update 9-12-15, quite happy with the Aussie made wraps - the silver glitter ones - they lasted well and due to the colour, any wear was not noticable so I kept them on for about 8 days before I took them off. I have ordered a new gold and a red glitter in the same brand to try as well.

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